• One location
  • One API
  • Multiple integrations

Fluidinfo Enterprise is a fully managed service which includes a hosted database for metadata, a tag-based schema with query language, and a RESTful API.

Fluidinfo comes with a range of ready-to-go integrations to import data from social networks and content management systems. The service is available on a shared instance, for public or private data, with dedicated instances also available for customers with sensitive content.

Public Private Dedicated
Ideal for crowd-sourcing data or open collaboration Collaborate on private data with fellow employees or trusted 3rd parties Your own private instance, integrated into your IT infrastructure
Storage in 1g increments Custom storage sizes
Domain accounts with multiple users Integration with existing user management systems
Tiered API access levels
Integrations with most CMSs and social networks
Customized user interfaces and data importing available. Ask for details.

Who's it for?

  • Organizations looking to create new products and services on top of their data.
  • Companies looking to bind their own content to the social web, to understand where and how it is used and by whom.
  • Businesses looking to integrate multiple databases or tame system sprawl and future-proof further integrations.
  • Data publishers who want fine grain control over who can read or write data.