Unlocking the value in your data

Fluidinfo combines metadata from existing systems, internal databases, and public web platforms, and unifies it into a single addressable location and API.

Company metadata is unified around the most important type of objects in your organization, be they people, URLs, hashtags, ... anything.

Fluidinfo makes your data accessible using a powerful API. You don't have to interact with multiple systems, just use one interface to find, create or add to your organization's data.

The API can be used to create different applications, from custom dashboards or reports to powerful bespoke user interfaces.

Fluidinfo features a powerful permission system that lets you choose what content is readable or writable, and by whom. Permission profiles offer users and applications custom views of data.

Crowdsource annotations, offer data for mashups, or just allow browsing of your data.

Fluidinfo brings the values of open data to your organization.

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